Foreign Student Service Information

UII Account

  • UII account serves as the main account to access all information technology services at UII. UII account username is based on Student Identification Number, example: 21523001
  • You can change your password through
    Password must be at least 8 characters long, containing at least of combinations  of 1 uppercase letter and numeric character or symbol. Example: @iTsupport1414

E-mail Account

UII Student’s e-mail address is

If you wish to change your e-mail address with a personal name, please apply for a change of e-mail alias by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]


UIIGateway is an integrated information system within Universitas Islam Indonesia. UIIGateway contains information systems from various domains at UII such as academics, finance, human resources, and others. As a term, “UIIGateway” is derived from a combination of two words, namely Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) and Gateway. UII is the identity of the university, while gateway refers to the gate in Indonesian. Hence, UIIGateway specifically describes the entrance gate for UII residents to obtain information system services in the UII environment.

For students, this gateway service consists of a variety of academic services and other services, including: UIIRAS, UIIAkademic, UIIPerkuliahan, UIITagihan, and UIILayanan.

WIFI On Campus

WiFi Network in the UII environment is made available through the UIIConnect and eduroam facilities. This facility is provided by the development of enterprise-scale IT infrastructure realized with the UIIConnect concept which, thus far, has installed more than 900 centers access in all UII buildings, with a total bandwidth provision of up to 7 Gbps, and access for each user up to 150 Mbps. (depend on customer device)

Enrolled students, faculty and staff in the UII environment can freely access UIIConnect using their respective UII Accounts. UII visitors can also access internet services through UIIGuest facilities.

Self Service Printing

UIIPrint is the latest service assisted by information technology that allows students, lecturers, and academic staff to have  a self-service printing, scanning, and photocopying of documents.

This UIIPrint service is available on all campuses of Universitas Islam Indonesia, which is connected to a UII account. For now, you can access the machine by entering the UII account username and password. In the near future, to increase convenience, all Student Cards and Employee Cards will be rejuvenated and can be used as a login tool to the UIIPrint machine by attaching the card to the UIIPrint machine. Currently there are 32 units of machines in service and are made available in these spots:

  1. All faculties
  2. Mohammad Hatta Building (Central Library)
  3. Prabuningrat Building (Rectorate)

A total of 17 machines can serve printing in black and white with A4 paper, while the others are color printing machines with A4 and A3 paper. In the future, there will be more number of machines to keep up with the increasingly massive adoption of this service.

By sending a document to UIIPrint for once, users can print their document from all the available machines. To maintain the continuity of the service, students are asked to pay for printing operational costs (ink and paper).

Google Suite For Education

Google services are made available for UII students to support the learning process, including Google Mail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms and other Google services. This Google services can be accessed using UII account.

  • Enable UII Gmail UII to use the official email facility at Universitas Islam Indonesia.
  • Create, save and share documents, videos and photos online with the Google Drive app
  • Manage documents to support learning processes with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.
  • Utilize online learning facilities to support learning activities with Google Classroom.
  • Set schedules and reminders for lectures and other activities with Google Calendar.
  • Utilize Google Meets facilities for video conferencing, class meetings, and other learning activities.

Google Classroom

Education at UII is not Confined to Classrooms. Google Classroom is an e-learning portal for UII students, to support online learning, where students can attend online lectures, obtain learning materials, submit assignments and have a discussion with lecturers or other classmates.

To access Google Classroom, type the following link and login using your UII Account

In general, your Classroom account will be automatically linked to the classes you take each semester.


Enjoy Premium Zoom License Just by Login using your UII Account

Zoom is a video conferencing service based on cloud computing. This app allows you to meet other people virtually, be it by video, voice calls, or both.

At UII, Zoom is primarily used to support the learning process or online meetings.

Premium Zoom Facility

  • Unlimited video conference duration
  • The quota of participants is up to 300 people
  • Free Personal Meeting ID customization

Office 365 License

Enjoy Free Office 365 License Services for Enrolled Students

UII academics who have received an Office 365 license will also obtain other benefits, namely OneDrive service with a capacity of up to 1 TB (1.000 GB)

  • Install Office 365. The file installer can be downloaded via, Make sure to log in using a UII account
  • Once installed, run one of the office applications, such as Microsoft Word. Then Sign In using UII account